Lapel Pins in Soft Enamel VS Hard Enamel - WTD Metal Crafts Zhong Shan Factory


In the market,when a customer tends to design a lapel pin, one of the common questions is what’s the difference between hard enamel and soft enamel.

Indeed, from the surface, the most difference is there’s very vivid levers feeling between the soft enamel coloring area with the coloring edge lines in soft enamel lapel pin surface when you touch by your fingure, while hard enemal almost flat.

Below video maybe can help for your better understand.

Then why such difference for them ?

It is arise by different working process indeed.

Soft enamel is take coloring after lapel pin plating finished, which keep the raise line as it is in moulds.

While, the hard enamel is take enamel coloring before the plating process, once the enamel coloring finished, it need to take surface polish, which makes the coloring edge lines at the same lever as enamel’s, then take plating. In this case, when you see the hard enamel lapel pins, the surface almost flat.

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