Vintage Enamel Pins Factory
Vintage Enamel Pins Factory
Vintage Enamel Pins Supplier
China Vintage Enamel Pins Wholesale
Vintage Enamel Pins Wholesale
Vintage Enamel Pins Factory
Vintage Enamel Pins Supplier
China Vintage Enamel Pins Wholesale
Vintage Enamel Pins Wholesale

Vintage Enamel Pins

Model NO.
Minimum order quantity:
50 pieces
Supply Ability:
50000 pieces / Month
Country of Origin:

Features of Vintage Enamel Pins:
The most significant and important characteristic of our products is the fact that they can be customized.  You can choose the materials from Iron, Zinc alloy, Aluminum, Brass, and so on.
Welcome to wholesale Vintage Enamel Pins in bulk at a factory price from Wotid suppliers and manufacturers in China. Please don't hesitate to send an inquiry to us for more detailed information about Vintage Enamel Pins wholesale. 

Brooch is one of the commonly used decorations in modern society. It is mostly made of silver or platinum, inlaid with diamonds and other gemstones, and pinned on the skirt to show the user's beautiful figure or status. Brooches have different shapes, complex and simple, each has its own advantages, and the decorative flavor is extremely strong. The brooch is generally not in the front chest of the garment, which can be in the middle or on one side.

Wearing principles:
1. The suit of the brooch is worn according to the rules. Men's Brooch wearing method is always strict. When wearing led clothes, the brooch should be worn on the left; Wear clothes without leadership on the right. When the hairstyle is left, wear it on the right, otherwise wear it on the left. 

2. Moreover, the upper and lower positions of the brooch should be parallel between the first and second buttons. Men wear brooches on formal occasions to look more solemn. Women can create their own wearing methods at will. The most traditional button method is to button the brooch on the lapel of the coat. However, in this season, the flower brooch can be worn anywhere. It will be refreshing to button the brooch on the pocket of the coat or even the pocket of jeans.

3. Of course, when wearing formal clothes, you can choose larger brooches, better materials, and pure colors. When wearing a shirt or a thin woolen sweater, you can wear a novel and exquisite brooch. Wearing clothes with asymmetric and irregular lines, if the brooch is pinned in the middle, can play a role in visual balance.

4. If your clothing color is simple, you can wear a brooch with flowers, which can still show your unique style in nobility and dignity.
If your coat is multi-color and your lower body is a darker skirt or trousers, then at this time, you should wear a brooch of the same color as your lower body on the multi-color coat.

Item No.
Vintage Enamel Pins
Iron, Zinc alloy, Aluminum, Brass, etc.
Customized size
Stamping, Cutting, die casting, Polishing, Welding, etc.
gold, silver, nickel, chrome, anti plating, misty plating, matte, etc
soft enamel, hard enamel, printing with epoxy coating, etc.
with or without, accordingly to customer design
engraved, embossed, offset printing, laser engraving, CMYK printing
Guangzhou, Shenzhen
OPP bag, velvet bag, gift box, card attached
Sample time
within 7 days
Production time
7-15 days
Vintage Enamel Pin
Vintage Enamel Pin factory

High-quality Vintage Enamel Pin


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