How to run for longer without getting tired ?

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How to run for longer without getting tired ?

If you’re looking to get fit, or take your fitness regime to the next level, you might be contemplating how to run for longer without getting tired. To be clear, we all fatigue at some point, but there are ways of running for extended periods without having to stop and rest. 

Ensuring you are getting the proper nutrients and fuel into your body is also essential to avoid feeling tired or sluggish during a run. As Amanda Brooks, an running challenge medals running coach, says: "Nutrition can be more important than the run itself because eating foods that cause inflammation or don't fuel you properly will leave you feeling tired and struggling through runs." Getting enough rest is also key to ensuring that your body avoids feeling fatigued during a session.
Your form and pace are other key elements in your endurance level. When running for long periods, try starting at a conversational pace and keeping proper form. A proper running form includes:

  • Keeping your eyes up
  • Keeping your shoulders back
  • Maintaining engagement in your core
  • Relaxing your hands
  • Using shorter steps instead of long strides 

Alongside running with proper pace and form, it is important to remain consistent with your training. Persisting even when you seem to be getting nowhere will ensure that you maintain your progress; simply stopping when it gets too hard or when you see little improvement can be detrimental to your training. 

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